Health & Wellness

Why Am I Qualified To Help You?

Read about my journey here.

I’ve been where you are — or where most of you could relate to. 

•overweight child 
•no self belief
•no self esteem
•on medication for depression/anxiety
•in denial 
•fad diet guru 
•almost 50% body fat
•WAY too skinny for my liking
•on a postpartum journey 

I’ve worn a lot of hats 🎩🧢 in my life. Waitress, caterer, makeup artist, esthetician, trade show specialist, waxing specialist, traveler, girlfriend, daughter, sister, mom. But the one I flaunt now is full of life, experience, RESULTS, health, and happiness.

THAT is why I’m qualified to help you— we will start where you ARE, write down where you want to be, and work together to get you there.

Whether that means lose 500 pounds or 5 pounds, gain muscle, tone your belly, or finally beat your IBS battle, gain confidence, knowledge, or self-esteem. I’m in it 10000% with you. If you let me be.