About Me

I never know what to put in these about me sections, so I guess I’ll start with the facts. I’m a 30 something Mom, I live right outside of NYC, I’m a New York State and Florida licensed Aesthetician (meaning I am a huge skin care enthusiast with almost a decade of experience and education in the industry), I love books, candles, all things natural, sheet masks, spin classes and yoga. I’m on the school board, I am the Girl Scout Cookie Mom and I throw some amazingly over the top Pinteresty parties. I spend a lot of my life driving my amazing daughter to her martial arts lessons. I drink a lot of coffee. I swear sometimes, and I drive hours away to visit my favorite crystal shops. I smudge my home, daily. I’m an advocate of health and wellness, both physical and mental. I am a fitness coach. I love vacationing.

My Journey

You know how people say they don’t know how it happened, they just woke up and it happened. I get it. That was kind of what happened to me. A pound here, a pants size there, a pregnancy and two cross country moves. And next thing I knew, I was 268 pounds. I’m 5’2″, and that put me at a size 22 pants. My heaviest was in October 2014, and I remember very clearly my 3 year old daughter asking me why I never went out to play with her in the yard or at the park.

The night of Halloween, I had to drive to Walmart to buy size XXL black sweatpants to wear for my Batman costume, and the next week I refused to go out to dinner with my family because not one single item of clothing I owned fit me. I laid in bed and cried for a day and a half. My daughter didn’t understand what was happening. But she knew mommy was sad, so she brought me things that she thought would make me feel better, like potato chips, sodas, fruit snacks. She knew that my eating was triggered by emotions, before I ever realized it.

You know in peoples transformation stories, they tell you about their AH HA moment? That was mine. There was no way I was letting this beautiful amazing little girl grow up believing that food was the key to happiness. In that moment, I knew I needed to get myself right. I needed to get healthy and happy so that I was able to give my daughter the mother that she deserved.