Restart, Regroup, Refocus.

You ever know you just needed to make a change? You needed to do something, fix something, just change anything because where you were was no longer serving you? Well, hello old friend, I didn’t miss this feeling at all, but as 2019 comes to a close, I realize that as much as I wanted to accomplish this year, I didn’t because I wasn’t committed enough to myself and my journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I made some significant changes. I put some things into motion December 2018, and I have very successfully accomplished so many of my professional goals for 2019:

  • Hit my desired base income at my full time job.
  • Set goals and CRUSHED them with my amazing hype squad. (AKA management team/work family/actual soulmates.)
  • Started educating, because I really want to be a part of the future of my industry.
  • Saved money. This was a big one. I wanted to end the year in the positive and I did.

But as for personal growth? I find that I am still pretty judgmental. I am kind of lazy. I have a hard time sticking to a plan. And not that I can’t make a plan, because I am hyper organized and amazing at planning and goal setting. I just kept falling off the wagon. And at the beginning of the year, even though I was SO good and lost 11 pounds, I end the year at a net gain of 10 pounds.

Well, 2020. Not this time. Not again. I cannot anything until I change my mindset. The only thing in life I can control are my thoughts, and my thoughts define my world. My thoughts define my actions, and my whole life. And I’m done with the negative, and I only have room for what serves me starting now. Not even in 2020, but right now, 12/26/2019. I am ready for the universe to give me more. Give me abundance.

Am I terrified? Absolutely. Am I going to do it anyway? ABSOLUTELY.

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