THE LEOPARD WHO CLAIMED A WOLF – Sarah Makela & Giveaway!

I am so excited that THE LEOPARD WHO CLAIMED A WOLF by Sarah Mäkelä is available now and

that I get to share the news!

If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by

Author Sarah Mäkelä, be sure to check out all the details below.

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About the Book:
Author: Sarah Mäkelä
Pub. Date: January 15, 2019
Publisher: Kissa Press LLC
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 179
When a wolf loves a leopard…
He’s her protector…
Caitlyn Fraser, a wereleopard who has

always hated cruel werewolves, is the former prisoner turned mate of Dougal

Sterling, Alpha of the Scottish pack. She’s courting jeopardy with her

determination to attend the funeral of her brother’s father, since the Pack

blames her for Alistair’s death. But still Dougal protects her from his wolves.

Her defender…
Short of allies, Dougal struggles to

balance loyalty and attention between the Pack and Caitlyn. When the Pack’s

stability crumbles, he’s faced with the return of his older brother, the

rightful Alpha, who shirked his duty after their father’s death. However,

Ewan’s challenge will be a battle to the death. Sheltering Caitlyn can only

lose Dougal more friends, but he knows she’s the mate he’s longed for.

But survival takes two…
Menace lurks in every corner of the

Highlands; Alistair and Ewan’s supporters and haters of shapeshifters abound.

Caitlyn and Dougal must stick together, pushing back fiercely when they are

attacked. Even if that puts them in mortal danger…



The driveway leading up to the Scottish

Pack’s massive headquarters stretched almost half a mile. I rested my chin on my

arms and stared out of the Alpha’s window on the second story, overlooking the circular

section of the drive. The Pack’s castle came complete with its very own dungeon,

but at least they weren’t keeping me in there anymore. The memory of Alistair’s

craggy face haunted my dreams each time I closed my eyes. His brutal fists hammered

away against my face, ribs, and stomach, until I could no longer sleep.

Tension radiated through my shoulders,

and I balled my hands into fists. No, Alistair—Colin’s father—was dead. Dougal

had protected me, and my brother, from that monster when I didn’t have the strength

to fight back.

Not that it mattered.
Two days had passed since my brother’s

sudden departure. Now Colin was on his own with no one to watch his back. How

could he leave without saying anything to me? I flexed my fists again,

welcoming the anger as it bubbled up in my chest and replaced my sadness.

The heavy weight of a man’s hand

descended on my back. I twisted around, my knuckles connecting with a solid jaw

lined with dark, coarse stubble. A familiar jaw. Shite.

Dougal stumbled back half a step, but then

he planted his feet like a tree with strong roots, not budging any further.

Sharp power flared outward from him before he squelched it, stretching the muscles

in his jaw. A frown tugged at his lips, and the corners of his eyes creased,

either in pain or displeasure.

“Dougal! I’m so sorry.” The sudden

movement of punching him had shot a searing ache through my battered ribs again.

The pain stole my breath away, but I tried to force it down. How could I have

been so careless? If he’d been anyone else in the Pack, I would’ve caused World

War III.

“Dinnae fash. The punch bloody well

hurt, though. I didn’t realize you were so strong.” Dougal’s frown melted away

as he pulled me closer and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Seems like you’re recovering

your strength.” His gaze drifted past me to the long gravel driveway of the estate.

“How are you doing, love?”

The emotions I’d been stomping down now bubbled

to the surface again. “I cannae believe Colin left me. He left before I even

regained consciousness. How could he?”

With anyone else, I wouldn’t show

weakness, but I rested my forehead against Dougal’s chest, needing his touch and

savoring his warmth. “I barely had time to talk with him, and when I did, it

wasn’t a good time to ask how he was doing after the months he’d spent in that

bloody research facility—or even to ask where he would go to heal…”

Tears welled in my eyes, but I held them

back, refusing to cry. “I gave up so much—my job, my flat, my life—while trying

to track him and bring him home. What if my sacrifices were all for naught?”

“Nae, they weren’t for naught, love.”

Dougal kissed the top of my head. “I know you’re hurting. You have plenty of

reasons to be, but the man who came back wasn’t the same one who left for the

United States.” He lifted my chin, forcing me to see the sincerity in his clear

blue eyes. “Whatever those scientists did affected him in ways neither of us will

probably ever know. Waiting at the window won’t make him return any sooner.” He

wrapped his arms around me and gently pulled me against his chest again. “Let me

draw you a bath. Remember, I’m here if you need to talk.”

He was right, even if I didn’t want to admit

it. Waiting for Colin’s return wouldn’t help, but what else could I do? “I

know, but that doesn’t make this any easier for me. He’s my younger brother. I

feel helpless that I cannae be there for him…again.” A heavy ache settled on my

heart, and I pulled away hating the awkward emotions crushing me.

Dougal turned away from me and stared

out of the window again. His jaw clenched and unclenched, as if he were trying

hard to hold in his words. A lot was going on in his life too, and yet he was

making a strong effort to support me through my problems. Things had become

increasingly strained between him and his Pack since my arrival and Duncan and

Alistair’s subsequent deaths. He didn’t talk about what he faced, and I didn’t

want to pressure him.

After a few moments of silence, he

released a sigh and turned back toward me. “You’ve done what you could for him,

lass.” The ghost of a grin spread across his lips. “Do you still want the bath?”

I couldn’t help but nod. When I’d

awakened from unconsciousness, Dougal had been there for me. We’d made love,

and he brought me to new heights of pleasure. We also became intimately

acquainted with the fancy Jacuzzi bathtub that could easily fit three or four

humans…or one big, scary werewolf. The perks of being mated to the Alpha of the

Scottish Pack.

“Aye, a bath sounds delish.” I wrapped

my arms around his waist, bringing him back to me and drawing in his musky

lupine scent. “Thanks for the talk. I wish I could’ve spoken with him before he

took off. It would’ve made me feel better about him going.”

“Love, I talked with him.” He trailed

his fingertips over my back in light, soothing strokes. “If I weren’t confident

that he presented no danger to others, I wouldn’t have let him go. He would’ve

stayed here whether he favored the idea or not.” The muscles in his lower back

tensed beneath my touch, and his hand paused over my spine.

Something didn’t feel right. I lifted my

gaze to meet Dougal’s. Was he not telling me something? We hadn’t known each

other for long, but my sharp, feline instincts knew when someone spoke an

untruth. He wasn’t outright lying, but he was holding something back. What

could it be?

I bit my lower lip, regretting it as my teeth

sank into one of the nearly healed spots where Alistair had punched me in the face.

Instead of confronting Dougal, I turned my attention toward the window. “You

would tell me if he was dangerous to himself, wouldn’t you?”

“Aye, I would.” His tone of voice wasn’t

as convincing as I’d wanted. He leaned away, putting me at arm’s length. “Enough

of that, I suppose. I’ll draw the bath for you.”

Without another word, he strode to the

en-suite bathroom. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides all the way.

The door snapped shut behind him, and he started the water running a few moments


Nausea churned inside me, and I held my

stomach. Should I believe Dougal? Something about his words didn’t feel right. The

Jacuzzi tub would take a few minutes to fill, and I needed to get out of this bloody

bedroom and away from him. The strain of standing there and trying to keep myself

calm was becoming too much.

My stomach growled, and I glanced up at

the round wrought-iron clock on the wall. It was almost one o’clock in the


Many of the werewolves didn’t like that

their Alpha was mating with a wereleopard, so I usually skipped the mealtime

rushes to keep my distance. It wasn’t easy, because several of the wolves lived

here in this honest-to-God castle full time. Apparently, that was how many Packs

operated. The thought boggled my mind. How did they stand to be around one

another all the time? How would I survive being the sole feline in this house

full of wolves?

Every urge for solitude within me roared

to run as fast and as far away from this place as I could. Too much held me

here, though. Besides, if Colin returned from his trip, I wanted to be around

to greet him. Maybe throttle him, too, but it’d be a greeting nonetheless…

I slid my leather jacket on over the

white tank top, not wanting to reveal too much bruised skin, then headed for

the kitchen to grab leftovers. Dougal had tried to convince me to eat with him

and everyone else. He wanted me to get to know the wolves and socialize.

Getting friendly with the Pack might be a nice idea, but I couldn’t do it. Not

with how his Pack watched me when they thought I wasn’t looking. Even Dougal’s

second-in-command wasn’t a fan of mine. The sentiment was mutual. For as long

as I could remember, I’d hated werewolves. One of my main reasons would soon

rest six feet underground. Their hatred of me for Alistair’s death just added

to my reluctance to get friendly with them.

Shaking away those thoughts, I turned

the corner to enter the kitchen. If my sharp feline reflexes hadn’t kicked in,

I would’ve run straight into a towering werewolf. I leapt back at the last

minute to prevent Kerr from spilling his plate of food. The already agonizing

ache in my side intensified from moving so fast, but I kept my arms at my sides

and my face neutral.

“Afternoon, lass. Ye look like yer

recoverin’ well.” Kerr nodded, looking curiously at me.

“Thanks, Kerr. I’m trying.” I flashed

him an uncomfortable smile, then edged past the broad, barrel-chested man into

the kitchen. Maybe he wasn’t as bad as the others, but I couldn’t shake the overwhelming

feeling that he disagreed with Dougal’s decision to mate with me.

Kerr placed a heavy hand on my shoulder.

My spine stiffened, and I gripped the sleeves of my jacket to keep from swinging

on him too. “Keep tryin’, then.” His deep voice rumbled through the kitchen. I glanced

pointedly at his hand, but he didn’t move it.

“Sooner or later ye need to overcome yer

fear, hatred, or whatever it is ye feel toward my kind. If ye cannae, ye won’t last

long here, lass.” With that, he walked down the corridor toward the massive grand

hall where the wolves held their meetings and ate.

My shoulders slumped. Suddenly, I didn’t

feel so hungry, but my leopard still needed to eat. We couldn’t skip any more

meals. It hindered our healing process and weakened us too much. Right now, I couldn’t

afford weakness, not while I was amongst a pack of wolves.

If only I weren’t continually looking

over my shoulder with the Pack, but such was life for now.

Shite. I didn’t have much time before

Dougal noticed I’d left the bedroom.

The leftovers were neatly arranged on

the clean countertop. There wasn’t much food left, but I grabbed a bag of crisps

and one of the last club sandwiches. A female wolf—Mairi, I think—ran a catering

company, so she always brought by food to keep the Pack well fed. She was one of

the nicer wolves.

Instead of following Kerr toward the dining

room, where I would probably find the rowdy werewolves laughing and talking, I

remained in the kitchen. I sat on the counter farthest away from the entrance, hidden

from anyone who might walk past.

As I finished my sandwich, footsteps in

the hall became louder as someone approached the kitchen. The sound of soft

sniffing tensed every muscle in my body, then Dougal stepped into the room. His

gaze slid over me, and desire darkened his eyes.

“Your bath is ready. If I’d known you were

hungry, I would’ve brought something earlier when I ate.”

I shrugged a shoulder. “It’s all right. I’m

eating now.”

“Aye, so you are.” He looked down the hallway

as if checking to make sure no one else was near. When he turned back, he wore a

frown that creased the corners of his lips and eyes. “You shouldn’t be in here all

alone, love. Things within the Pack are tense right now. Let’s go back to the


I tilted my chin up, not in the mood to be

bossed around again. “I’m not alone. You’re here.” I opened the bag of crisps and

munched on one.

His nostrils flared, and he crossed his

arms over his broad chest. The move might’ve been scary as hell if it wasn’t him

doing it. “That’s not the point. Come on.”

Bloody hell.
First, I’d been his prisoner in the cage,

and now I’d become a prisoner in his bedroom. Not in a fun way, either. Why was

this happening?

I clenched my fists, crushing a few of my

crisps as tears burned in my eyes, but I refused to let them show. The flood of

emotions I’d experienced over the past week was becoming too much to all push

down at once. As soon as I dealt with certain fears or emotions, others popped up

to take their place, like some horrible version of whack-a-mole.

Life just wasn’t fair. All I’d wanted to

do was return to Scotland and be here for my brother. In that time, I’d been

reintroduced to a childhood nightmare, imprisoned in a dungeon, and now I was

the prisoner/mate of a werewolf Alpha. When would the roller coaster end?

Dougal crossed the space between us in a

few long strides. He pulled me from the counter into his arms.

A feline hiss ripped from my throat, sounding

every bit as feral as I felt. Once again, anger rescued me from my moodiness. “Set

me down this minute!”

About Sarah:
New York Times Bestselling Author, Sarah Mäkelä, has received

her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She has been inspired to read and

write since reading a collection of her mother’s poetry as a child. Her real

passion for writing began after receiving an Excellence in Writing award for a

children’s story her seventh-grade English teacher encouraged her to enter for

a school contest. Her love of romance novels became evident after picking up

her first Harlequin, Chateau of Flowers by Margaret Rome, shortly thereafter.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and cats. In her

spare time, she enjoys reading, computer and console games, and traveling all

over the world. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as the

Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal





winner will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card, International.


winners will win an eBook of THE LEOPARD WHO CLAIMED A WOLF, International.

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