Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Rule number one of blogging is consistency, right? Well, after that amazing 4 month break, I think I will be a little better about this. (By amazing I mean I was so busy I forgot to eat sometimes.) I quit a job, started two new ones, went to Provincetown, Massachusetts, Chicago, Illinois and Key West, Florida. I drove my daughter up to my parents and back, twice. I attended two straight weeks of artistry and business workshops and classes. I booked a ton of jobs. And I had company for 13 days. Straight.

Through all that, I managed to read like crazy, and my to review list is insane. And so is the list of candles I’ve burned, and the new skin care I’ve used. So there will be all sorts of amazing content coming ASAP. And even a few hilarious stories from my travels. It’s one of those beautiful rainy NY days, and I am going to spend it on this heavy and slightly overheating laptop, dumping my brain!


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