Luna Play by Foreo – A Product Review

The Tiny but Mighty Sonic Face Cleanser

Fun, affordable, and the perfect introduction to the amazing skincare benefits that come from T-Sonic™ cleansing, LUNA play proves that great things come in cute packages! It uses a compact design and 2-zone brush to gently and thoroughly offer your skin a sonic cleanse to leave you glowing and gorgeous, with just 1 minute twice a day!

Luna Play – $39

Luna Play 2As an aesthetician, I love gadgets. I love reading about and playing with all of the new products and toys that come out in terms of skin care. When I walked into a Sephora and saw this fancy vibrating facial cleaner for $100, I wasn’t ready to take the plunge. BUT then I got a Play version in my PopSugar Must Have box and was beyond excited to try it.

Here are my findings after using it for 8 weeks straight, twice a day:

  • My skin is cleaner. (Don’t get me wrong, I washed my face twice a day my whole life, but with the Luna, your pores open up and the sebum, dead skin cells and dirt some to the surface so they wash away.)
  • My skin is softer. (The vibrations of the Luna opening the pores up more allow for my serums and creams to penetrate a lot deeper, giving me a much better level of hydration and moisturization.)
  • My skin looks healthier.
  • My skin feels amazing. Like all day long. It feels not dry, not greasy, not scaly, not anything. It just feels amazing.
  • I use a lot less cleanser. Silicone doesn’t absorb the products like your hands do. You don’t spill or drop or drip any. My cleanser is probably lasting about 25% longer using the Luna than before, so that makes it completely worth it to me.
  • I loved it so much, I’m already on my second one. But I upgraded and got the rechargeable one! Treat yo-self.

All in all. 5 stars. Definitely worth it. I wish I took the plunge sooner. I genuinely love it.

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