I’m An Aesthetician, Not A Magician

Do you ever have a day where you feel a combination of so stressed you want to sleep, and basically being a superhero?

That’s me right now as I type this. Let me set the scene.

  • 6AM – Wake Up. Oh sleet, joy. Check my phone. Damn, school isn’t cancelled.
  • 6AM-6:45AM – Wake up, dress and feed my tiny human. Pack lunch and snack. Daydream about what I’m going to do with my day off.
  • 6:47AM – Coworker 1 texts me, bad weather by her house, can she stay home? Ok. Cool. Guess I’m going to work now.
  • 7:06AM – Coworker 2 texts me. Not coming in. It’s cool. I still have one more girl. She’ll wax, I’ll run the front. Ok. We got this.
  • 7:09AM – I see coworker 3’s name on my phone and I think I start to hyperventilate. OH CRAP I have to walk the tiny human to the bus.
  • 7:12AM – “Moooooooom. WHY IS THERE ICE FALLING FROM THE SKY?” I guess she’s never seen sleet. So that was a great few minutes.
  • 7:16AM  – Tiny human is on the bus. Ok. Cool. Lemme call MY boss now. Voicemail. Ok. Keep it together. It’s not worth panicking over. Hang up. Shit if that wasn’t the MOST AWKWARD voicemail of all time.
  • 7:30AMish – Boss calls. Of course I can run the front and wax and answer phones and do all the things. I mean. Sure. Cool. Do you have a cloning machine? No? I got this. Probably.

So here we are. 10:07AM and I’ve been at work since 8AM. Calling everyone scheduled for today, moving a bunch of reservations around, cancelling some, answering the phones, getting ready to open at 9AM. And wouldn’t you know that the 9AM reservation was exactly on time? Really? It’s SLEETING out. The school has called me twice. Closing at 11AM. Well it was already a half day so I guess for telling me there’s no change. And then to tell me aftercare is cancelled. Ok cool. I get to leave work around 11AM BUT you also close at 11AM so this should be interesting. A few more panic induced text messages later and my boyfriend (aka father of the year) is on his way to get her from his job 80 minutes away.

So here I sit, watching a Wal*Mart parking lot, because my job has the BEST view. And wondering if I can drink before lunch on a Friday? Of course I can’t. The tiny human has a birthday party to go to today at 4PM.

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