Recovery Treatment Oil – Malin & Goetz

Skin care is on my top three list of passions. Everything about the skin fascinates and intrigues me. I’m really lucky I decided to become and Aesthetician and figured it out early. This will be the first of many many many skin care product reviews.


Where to start? Ingredients feels like a good jump off point.

select ingredients.
evening primrose, argan, and jojoba oils soften lines and strengthen moisture barrier. 
grapeseed and rosehip oils improve elasticity and protect against free radical damage. • geranium and borage oils reduce inflammation and normalize oil production. • avocado and camellia oils condition and soften.

That’s copied directly from the Malin & Goetz website.

I got this product in a PopSugar Must Have box, and I was really excited. Like I said, I love skin care. So getting a $82 treatment oil included in my $40 subscription box, let’s just say WAHOO. I put it on that first night, on clean dry skin before bed, and I was hooked. I immediately could feel and see that my skin was rehydrating and softening, and overnight the results amplified. I’ve now been using this as an integral part of my skin care routine for the last 5 months and I have seen a complete change in the general tone and texture of my skin. I used to have a fairly rough texture along with a decent amount of hyperpigmentation and acne issues. (Because who doesn’t want to develop acne at 28. I know I sure did.) The Malin & Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil has completely changed the game for me.

I’m so glad I got this product, because I fell so deep in love with it, I ultimately expanded my Malin & Goetz collection to include a plethora of other skin care products, deoderant, eua de parfum and all of the candles. (But those are posts for another time.)

5 Stars!

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