Jar Worthy – A Candle Review

So this past weekend my boyfriend and I took a small getaway to Rhinebeck, NY. If you’re near enough to go, and have never been, you really should. It’s a beautiful small colonial town with quiet inns, amazing craft beer, delicious food and great shopping.

One of my favorite stores is Periwinkles. It’s packed wall to wall with soaps, bath products, artisan made mustard and my favorite: candles. I stumbled upon a small batch brand called Jar Worthy and started smelling them, and absolutely fell in love with a scent called “Spa Day.”

It’s like being in the most relaxing space I’ve ever been in. It’s an amazing blend of lemongrass, jasmine and patchouli. It’s a soy candle, so it burns clean. I’ve been burning it for about 4 hours now and the fragrance is holding strong!

Click Here To Shop Jar Worthy

I paid $16 for an 8.5 oz candle, which I find insanely reasonable. But then I looked up their website and it’s on sale for $10! And on top of that, there is a coupon code as well for 15% off. I also really love that they’re made in New York. I’m definitely a sucker for small, handmade and local.

5 stars!

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