What is a lifestyle blog?

I’ve always wondered that. What is it? Who is it for? I think a lifestyle blog to me, is just a place where I get to talk about whatever I want. Basically everything I would say to my family if I thought they were listening.

I love to read. That’s a big part of who I am. So I spend a lot of time talking about books. To my sister, because she’s one of the only readers I know. And I am lucky enough that one of my best friends is maybe the only person I think reads more than I do. (Check her out sometime.) Good Books and Good Wine was the first book blog I ever saw, and April has such a fantastic perspective. I love reading what she has to say.

I also really love everything about the human skin. I love skin care, I love makeup, and I love the actual science behind skin. Makes sense, since I decided at the crazy old age of 28 to go back to school for my Aesthetics license. Here I am, 3 years into a skin care career and I’m still not bored of it. And that’s an accomplishment. If you knew me, you’d get it. I get bored a lot. I hop around a lot. I guess it just took me an extra 10 years to decide what I really love.

This blog is going to be a modge podge of all the things I love and want to talk about. Books, candles, skin care products, traveling, experiences, makeup, fictional characters, the guy at Starbucks who closed the door in my face when I was carrying 9 drinks on 12/23/17. (I’ll never get over that last one. WTF man!?) So I guess maybe a Lifestyle Blog is just what you call it when you can’t think of anything else?

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