The Last Time We Were Us – Leah Konen

A passionate summer love story about a girl, her childhood best friend recently released from juvie, and the small-town lies that have kept them apart. A teen romance debut with a dark edge.

Goodreads Page – The Last Time We Were Us 

The-Last-Time-We-Were-Us.jpgThe Last Time We Were Us starts off with two friends and a plan. The perfect summer plan to set them up for the perfect senior year. Kenzie and Liz have it all figured out. Kenzie is going to end up with Peyton, and Liz with Innis. Popularity, parties, yachts and galas. What more could these girls want?

The story follows Liz, and her relationships with everyone. Starting with Innis, Liz and her fake ID are trying to score some beer for a party, when she gets to the register and the cashier is her long time best friend, Jason. Jason just spent a year and a half in a juvenile detention center for attacking and disfiguring Innis’ older brother Skip, who happens to be Liz’s older sister Lyla’s first love.

As we follow Liz, and her progression and journey, it hits pretty close to home. Every 17 year old girl goes through these situations. It’s a story of growth, confusion, fear, angst and bravery. While I spent most of the book thinking Kenzie was kind of a terrible friend and that they were all trapped in a small close minded town, I am happy with where it ended. Finding out the backstory of Jason, Innis and Skip and what really happened at that bon fire was definitely drug out. And of course after Jason comes clean, there has to be one more twist.

All in all, I would give this a solid 3.5 stars. It was a quick and easy read, and the story definitely kept my attention, but I couldn’t like a few of the characters, and it felt like Liz was just completely naive at points.

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