By Gryffindor, the bravest were prized far beyond the rest. – A Candle Review

I’ve already said that books and candles are two of my favorite things ever. So what can be better than book themed candles? Literally nothing. Except maybe chocolate cake.

One of my best friends was having a hard time buying me a Christmas gift. But she then stumbled upon a little Etsy shop of bookish candles and found the perfect one for me.

The Sorting Hat by Flickering Fandoms – Etsy

Flickering Fandoms – Website


Guys, it’s a color changing candle that smells like pumpkin pasties. I mean. C’MON! I think I legitimately squealed when I opened it and I lit it almost immediately. (A little background, I am a complete Harry Potter nerd. Complete. With a Harry Potter sleeve tattoo and my own Gryffindor uniform to boot.)

The aroma filled my whole apartment in about 10 minutes, it was light and delicious and made me wildly hungry. Good thing it was Christmas time and I had all kinds of pies lying around.

I wish I had the forethought to record how long it actually burned for. It was at least 12 hours. I was just SO excited to light it, that I didn’t pay attention to anything. (But, can you blame me?) I’m about to order a few more of them, so I will definitely update it and post it on my Instagram when I have more details in that aspect. I can say that it stayed strong and fragrant the entire time it burned and I felt like I was in the Great Hall on Christmas Morning for the few days I was burning it. And it burned fairly clean, so I also repurposed the jar afterward! Yay!

Definitely check them out. There are SO many different bookish/pop culture candles. The Walking Dead, The Greatest Showman, Star Wars.

5 Stars!

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